WDAC Policy Wizard Versions

The Windows Defender Application Control Wizard was built by Microsoft to help you create powerful WDAC CI policies more easily.

To provide feedback on the Wizard or for support related inquiries, please email the support e-mail address. Instructions on using the Wizard is also located on the Github repository.

Version Link Release Notes
2.0.1 WDAC Wizard v.2.0.1 Added the ability to create WDAC rules off any combination of signer and file attributes. Moved the majority of rule creation off the PS cmds resulting in faster policy creation. Reliability and bug fixes too.
1.7.0 WDAC Wizard v.1.7.0 Added the ability to create WDAC policies from Event Viewer evtx logs using the fields in the logs.
1.6.6 WDAC Wizard v.1.6.6 Added the ability to create EKU-based signer rules in the Wizard. Refactored the Wizard for improved reliability while removing rules, editing and merging policies.
1.6.5 WDAC Wizard v.1.6.5 Added the ability to create policies with the Microsoft Recommended Blocklist and the Microsoft Recommended Kernel Blocklist. The Wizard also now supports creating package family name rules with custom text as well as publisher rules with custom CNs. As always, bug fixes and UI/UX enhancements.
1.6.4 WDAC Wizard v.1.6.4 Added the ability to create file path, attribute and hash rules with custom text. Also added the ability to create file rules for packaged applications. As always, bug fixes and UI/UX enhancements.
1.6.3 WDAC Wizard v.1.6.3 Added the ability to create file rule exceptions, CI event log parsing and conversion to WDAC policies, and other bug fixes and UI/UX enhancements.
1.6.2 WDAC Wizard v.1.6.2 Added automatic xml to binary conversion, policy format choice in create policy workflow and improved logging capabilities and other bug fixes.
1.6.1 WDAC Wizard v.1.6.1 Fixed a bug in policy creation where folder path rules would break policy building.
1.6.0 WDAC Wizard v.1.6.0 Implemented workflow for merging policies. Fixed workflow for supplemental policies. General UI/UX bugs fixes and improvements.
1.5.7 WDAC Wizard v.1.5.7 Fixed a bug where legacy format policies were created as multi-policy format.
1.5.6 WDAC Wizard v.1.5.6 Fixed a bug where temp and log files were not being correctly saved.
1.4.10 WDAC Wizard v.1.4.10 This is the first version of the WDAC Wizard.

Contact Information:

Support E-Mail: Jordan.Geurten@Microsoft.com
Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399