WDAC Policy Wizard

The Windows Defender Application Control Wizard (Version enables IT professionals to build and deploy WDAC code integrity (CI) policies by wrapping the WDAC CI PowerShell cmdlets.

Use this application to create new base and supplemental policies, in addition to editing and merging exisiting WDAC CI policies.

Getting Started

You can install the policy wizard by selecting the download link. Before you install the application:

  1. Review the Microsoft open source license for the app.
  2. Review the online docs on our official Microsoft WDAC documentation page.
  3. Review the change list on the Archives Page.
  4. File feedback and bugs to the author via the Github's issues page.
Download the Installer

What's new

The Windows Defender App Control Wizard Version offers new functionality and the ability to create policies from folder scanning, and policy creation from MDE Advanced Hunting WDAC events in Dark Mode! Learn more about the new features in Version in the WDAC changelist.

About the Project

The Windows Defender App Control Wizard Version was created by the Microsoft WDAC feature team as part of an ongoing effort to provide enhancing tooling for professionals leveraging WDAC technologies. See the About Page for more information.